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Certified Drone Operation Proficient 101

With this hands-on, industry-accredited training program, you can now learn and fly drones for profits – even if you have never flown drones before. Here’s how.

Discover everything you need to operate drones for commercial and industrial purposes

Become a certified commercial drone operator

Get hired by leading companies across a range of industries

Use drones to improve safety, increase efficiency, cut costs, and drive ROI

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Can Drones Make Profits For My Businesses?
Can Flying Drones Earn Me a Living?
Are Drones The Future?

It’s these questions that plague business owners, drone enthusiasts, and job aspirants – all night and day.

And the answers are YES! YES!! YES!!!

Drones can make profits for businesses.
Flying drones can earn you a living.
Drones are the future.

How do we say?

Because drones are already making a tremendous impact across the world. From aerial photography and aerial data insights to inspecting sites and surveying lands to streamlining workflows and delivery services, drones offer a smarter, faster, and safer way to scale up businesses.

By effectively combing combining accurate aerial data with high-definition pictures, videos and 3D Modeling, drones are transforming businesses across various sectors.

And they could transform your life too!

Drone Operation and Profit Making for Businesses

Be it a start-up, a fortune 500 company, or a solo venture, drones are proving to be profitable for commercial applications. So, more and more enterprises are integrating drones into their operations. This has created an increased demand for commercial drone operators.

Businesses need professional drone operators to carry out their missions and achieve their goals – precisely and efficiently.

That’s where you come into the picture.

As a certified commercial drone operator, you can help businesses:

Get things done faster and smartly
What would take weeks can be done in a few hours using drones. So drones are replacing conventional methods of doing things in the fields of construction, mapping & surveying, oil and gas, power, mining, delivery – you name it!
Minimize risks and work hazards
Risky activities like scaffolding can be carried out using drones, saving humans from potential dangers.
Boost Productivity
Drones enhance communication, decision-making and workflows by offering accurate information in real time.
Save Money
Streamlining workflows, minimizing labours costs, speeding the processes and making informed data-driven decisions contribute to the bottom line of businesses in a huge way. In fact, companies adapting to drones spend only a fraction of cost when compared to traditional methods.
Stay ahead of your competitors
Streamlining workflows, minimizing labours costs, speeding the processes and making informed data-driven decisions contribute to the bottom line of businesses in a huge way. In fact, companies adapting to drones spend only a fraction of cost when compared to traditional methods.

Now just imagine all the money you could make by simplifying and easing the business processes of leading enterprises.

The possibilities are almost endless.

But the truth is...

Commercial Drone Operators who are good at their game are a rare find.

That’s why, at Asia Drone IoT Technologies, we have partnered with the Institute for Drone Technology, Australia, one of the world’s leading drone training companies, to offer the finest drone training programs in Malaysia. So, passionate drone enthusiasts, enterprises, and job aspirants like you can benefit from the booming drone economy.

It’s not about flying Drones for fun!
Its about operating Drones for profits!

Your First Step to Take Off as a Commercial Drone Operator

If you would like to fly drones seriously for profits, our Certified Drone Operation Proficient 101 is a fast and proven way to get started as a commercial operator.

In this two-day program, you will learn:

Drone Pre and Post Flight Checks
Gain a complete understanding of drone parts, terminologies, types of multi-rotor drones, sizes, mechanics, propulsion principles, GPS, and many more details, explained in a clear and easy way – with demonstrations.
Drone Applications as Industry Solutions
How are drones utilized in industries across? How are businesses achieving their goals using drones? How will a commercial drone operator help businesses? You will discover all these exciting aspects of drone applications in an engaging manner.
Drone Operation Skills and Techniques
From the controls and safety precautions to pushing the throttle for lifting the drones off the ground, you will EXACTLY know how to operate a drone in this session.
Drones and Artificial Intelligence
Drone Flying Simulations and Off-Field Training
From the controls and safety precautions to pushing the throttle for lifting the drones off the ground, you will EXACTLY know how to operate a drone in this session.
Drone Operation and Flying Practical Session
It’s time to put what you learned into action. Fly drones in the outdoors for real and gain mastery over these little robotic machines.
The Law and Legality of drone operations in Malaysia
Abiding by rules and regulations is crucial to becoming a successful commercial drone operator. We will cover the laws that govern, flying drones in our country.
Proven Case Studies and Methodologies of Drone Operation in Industry
You will get insider tips for successfully flying drones for different industries, including Agriculture, Power, Mining, Oil & Gas, and Construction.
Live Demonstrations of Industry Favorite Commercial Drones
Get a live demonstration of the most capable commercial drones that industries put to work.
Course Fee
RM 2499
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Who Should Attend?

Drone Enthusiasts
If you love flying drones and want to make a career out of it, then don’t give this program a miss.
If you wish to integrate drones into your business process and accelerate your growth, this training program will be a great starting point.
Job Aspirants
If you desire to choose a career off the beaten path by becoming a pro commercial drone operator, the Certified Drone Operation Proficient 101 is a brilliant pick.
People from all walks of life
No matter what’s your age and profession is - if you have the willingness to learn and put to action what you learnt, this course is right for you.

Why CERTIFIED DRONE OPERATION PROFICIENT 101 is the Best Drone Training Program in Malaysia

  • This is the only drone training program accredited by Civil Aviation and Safety Authority (CASA) Australia
  • The training program is endorsed by The Institute for Drone Technology Australia
  • The training modules are well-designed for easy understanding and are delivered in an engaging manner
  • Hands-on training session combined with theory to gain complete mastery of the basics of drone mechanics
  • Offers the chance to engage with a commercial Drone Operator in a real working scenario
  • The training is conducted by expert drone professionals who have years of experience, flying drones for industrial applications
  • Asia Drone IoT Technologies is an initiative of the acclaimed SG Education Group, an institution with a reputation for bridging the skill gap in Malaysia.
  • We are the only dedicated Drone TRAINING Institute in Malaysia. Most training programs, focusing on flying, are offered by drone solutions companies whose main focus is offering business solutions and not training programs.

What Past Participants Are Saying...

First and foremost, I would like to extend my sincere thanks to Asia Drone Technology. They played a pivotal role in helping me securing job. The journey was straight forward and less hassles. Asia Drone Technology provide you confidence, even before you start the training. With meticulous preparation, they give superb guidance and help during the training process. Thank you very much to Asia Drone Technology.
Vijay Hernandez
I would like to take this opportunity to thank Asia Drone Technology for their great training in assisting me with getting my job. The entire training process was done very successfully. I would say they are very committed towards training people. I’m really very happy with Asia Drone Technology training.
Jennifer Lai
I am glad to be trained by a first class training agency. Asia Drone Technology always give very good training to their students. The staff are friendly, supportive and committed in doing the training. I am pleased with all aspects of the services that Asia Drone Technology provided. I would recommend to my friends and others to contact Asia Drone Technology in terms of finding good training in drone operation.
Annuar Nazmi bin Nazaruddin


Launch your career as a drone operation professional?
Want to integrate drones into your business & outwit your competitors?
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Certified Drone Operation Proficient 101
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You can earn the money invested within just a few months. Drone companies are willing to invest up to RM 7000 as salary for Drone Operators depending on the skills, expertise and experience.

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