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Certified by
The Institute for Drone Technology™ Australia
  • Learn the best practice, guidance and regulation to become a Professional Commercial Drone Operator.
  • An excitement towards building a modal aircraft from scratch.



Drone has been known as a sophisticated military technology or a hobbyist’s tool. But businesses across industries realize that drone usage goes beyond that and already using them to transform daily work in some industries. Our Certified Drone Operation Proficient training program to ensure that our students have a proper knowledge on understanding building a drone and enhancing your industrial skills.

During the span of this course students will learn on how the mechanical and electronic components interact, Principle of Motors, Flight Controllers, Electronic Speed Controllers, batteries & charges, receivers & Transmitters. There is also an exciting hands-on session of assembling a drone. Our main focus is to assists you give you the skills of utilizing the drone catering to your service industry. For example, insurance companies are using drones to inspect damaged assets and farmers are sending them to monitor crops and collect soil data. Besides that, construction-technology companies use drones and 3-D imaging to create “digital twins” of projects. Even more dramatic changes could be in store as innovators explore new uses, including drone-delivery services for retail stores and air taxis for commuters. Drone is transforming the way companies used practice. By the end of this course we would to transform and provide you with expertise skills to excel in your service industry!


Understand the types of multi-rotor drones
Understand the use of LiPo batteries and their use
Understand flight terminology
Understand the use of GPS in drone flight
Understand the principles of drone flight
Understand the necessary drone pre-flight checks
Understand the roles of propellers, motors, flight controller, ESC in drone flight
Understand the basic safety and legal requirements involved in commercial drone flight


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I would like to take this opportunity to thank Asia Drone for their great Training in assisting me with getting my job. My entire process happened through phone and mail. I would say really they are very committed towards their training, in my personal opinion they are feeling our application as such their own one. I’m really very happy about Asia Drone training.
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Annuar nazmi bin nazarudin,


Drone in Oil & Gas Industry

Required Skill Level:
Certified Drone Operation Proficient II
Certified Drone Operation Proficient III

Avg. Salary Range:
RM 5000 - RM 7000 per month

Onshore Oil & Gas
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Live Flare Inspections
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Certified Drone Operation Proficient 101
Course Outline 2 days

  • Training on How to Operate a Drone
  • Drone Explained in Details
  • Drone Remote Control (RC)
  • Drone Flying Simulations
  • Practical Flight Training to operate the Drone in outdoor environment.
  • Field Operations and Maintenance Best Practices Guidance
  • Test and Certification
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Certified Drone Operation Proficient 102
Course Outline 3 days

  • Introduction for DIY Drone Parts
  • How to Choose the right Drone Parts for Your Application
  • Assembling & Testing Drone
  • Maintenance & Repair of Drone
  • Test and Certification
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